Saturday, March 19, 2011

The early bird catches the worm

Okay, so I have finally decided to start a blog. No better time to do it, right? I feel like I have lost a little bit of creativity since college and this is my newest venture to try and grab hold of what creativity is left in me. Every Spring I try and engage in something that will light a fire under me, teach me something new, and inspire me to get out and experience exciting things. First it was banjo lessons which turned out to be much more difficult than I anticipated, then last year it was improv classes at theater 99, and this year it will be this blog (hopefully). I have started to dabble in photography a little bit and even though I am clueless about the science of taking good photographs, I simply enjoy it.

Anyway, today was one of those almost-spring Saturdays that has seemed to never end, which is great. Today there were no mundane chores, no to-do list crossing off, and it felt freeing. The weather was warm and FG and I played putt-putt, ate a delicious lunch at Jack's Cosmic Dogs, registered for some wedding gifts, and even watched a movie. Although I was awake at 8:30 this morning and dragged my feet to get out of bed, I really feel like it was one of those days that felt great to have so much time to enjoy myself. The draft root beer at Jack's was pretty amazing and I am already itching to go back for another. I am not even a big fan of hot dogs but I'm willing to give anything with cheese sauce on it a chance.

I sincerely hope that I can provide some sort of entertainment and recipe ideas with this new blog. If you know me you probably know I have a lot of interesting things to say about pretty much everything so this should be an adventure!

So, my advice to you is to get up early next chance you have, get out there and do some fun things. Save your list for the next day. Until next time,


Apologies in advance for the shoddy pic quality...blame it on my iPhone. Better pics to come soon.

Hot dog with cheese sauce and onions

Jack's fries with sweet potato mustard...the best mustard I have ever had!

Strawberry shake with actual strawberries. Puts Sonic to shame!

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