Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We're going OUT to dinner?!

Let's face it, if we all went out to dinner all the time we'd be broke as a joke (and I wouldn't get to experiment with new recipes) so I was pleasantly surprised when FG said he wanted to go out for dinner last Friday night. After 30 minutes of internet searching, flipping through the Dish, and looking at internet menu's, we decided on Wild Olive on John's Island. We made the 20 minute drive to the farthest of the islands and nestled in at the bar for a pre-dinner drink while our table was prepared. I settled for a strawberry basil mojito--basil because it's an Italian Restaurant--and watched the bartender as he crushed the basil, added the ingredients, and added a small, robust scoop of strawberry sorbet right on top. I knew then that this was going to be a good experience.
We were thrilled to hear that they had switched over to their spring menu and immediately ordered the blue crab crostini and FG ordered something with Pork belly (his new favorite thing) and butter beans. I'm really not at the point where I feel comfortable taking my giant Nikon out to take pictures of our food especially since I had to apologize to FG for whipping out the small, pink Casio to snap pics of our dinner plates before we dig in. "Sorry, it's for my blog." I have a feeling it's going to be like this from now on.

Pork belly and butter beans

Blue Crab Crostini
Anyway, after primi, we had papardelle (obviously one of my new favorites) with Pork Ragu and Spaghetti Carbonara. I have to say, that carbonara was the best I have ever had. It was simple, not chock full of cream sauce, and each bite was satisfying. The pancetta was crunchy and salty and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I have always wanted to make this dish but never attempted it for whatever reason but will definitely add it onto my list of new recipes to tackle.

Papardelle with Pork Ragu
Spaghetti Carbonara
I was too full for dessert but of course FG said "I'm ordering this chocolate pistachio thing. It's for your blog." Uh huh. 'For the blog'. We'll see about that. At least we are on the same page about the new importance of snapping pics of our food before we dive in. And hey, it gives us a second to examine what the heck we ended up ordering/cooked and that's just fine with me.

Chocolate Pistachio "thing" w/ homemade biscotti

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  1. UM....your dinner looks amazing! I could scarf up that Papardelle and Carbonara in a matter of minutes. I wish this restaurant was closer to me ccause it sounds delish!