Thursday, April 14, 2011

I recycle, so consider me “green”

As someone who doesn’t really love leftovers, I’m always looking for ways to reuse what I’ve previously cooked in a new and creative way. A couple of months ago, the roommates and I decided to make a big Sunday brunch and used some grits from earlier in the week along with ham and goat cheese to make unbelievable grit cakes. I used this same idea for a late Sunday lunch a few weekends ago and apologize for not posting it here sooner.

I used the shrimp, bacon, white bean, sage and tomato (Tyler Florence recipe, remember?) leftovers to make grit cakes round two. I didn’t have leftover grits so I whipped some up, let them sit for a bit to firm up, and formed them into cakes. The secret to cooking these is definitely a non-stick pan and greasing the pan with a bit of butter first. I made sure to season the grits with a little Cholula (my favorite thing to add to grits!) and a tiny but of cheese as well (duh) and some finely chopped scallions. Man, were they good! I mean, I really do love anything that involves grits so I knew I was going to love this dish.

Believe me, I have tried every method and type of grits it seems and have honestly found the best grits are made with the Quaker 5 minute type straight from your average grocery store. I have used Anson organic, every version you can buy at grocery stores (including White Lily-both varieties) between here and Columbia, and even added white corn that I smashed up to get the right consistency and flavor and still find this brand to be the absolute best. I add literally everything I can find to my grits when I make them and have been known to use: string cheese, cream cheese, grated parmesan, Cholula (!), scallions, red pepper flakes, paprika, dry mustard, and of course, Kraft American cheese. Here’s what I usually do: boil water, add a little milk (I rarely use heavy cream in anything), and a splash of chicken stock. Add the grits and keep adding liquid (I prefer the milk here) until they are fluffy or the consistency you like. You want them to be smooth for the most part and really not taste “gritty”. Then add whatever you like. Lots of salt, pepper, butter, and Kraft Singles are a must for me. But, I only add the cheese at the very end and gently fold it in or else it completely disappears. Voila- Southern cheese grits right in your own kitchen.

If you have any new recipe suggestions I should try or good recipe "recycles", please post them here!

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